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Rhizopon is for more than 65 year producer of rooting hormones. There was always a narrow cooperation with growers. New applications were developed together with the users of the products.

The Rhizopon consultants advice the users of the Rhizopon products if its concerns rooting. If necessary even on your nursery. On most request our consultants can give, based on their experience and our extended data base, an advice that fits to your needs.

If they can not they will find together with you a custom made solution to optimize your rooting process.  An example you can fin here:

Practice example

Consulting the Rhizopon Helpdesk is free.
Tel: 071 3415146
Fax: 071 3415829

If you have any doubt on the use of a Rhizopon product please consult the Rhizopon helpdesk.

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