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Rhizopon is manufacturer of growth regulators for the rooting of cuttings. This is the only activity of the company. Rhizopon holds a unique position worldwide as the manufacturer only producing root promoting products.

As the leading specialist in their field, Rhizopon have refined the production process to ensure that only high grade products are manufactured. In addition Rhizopon have the knowledge to provide the users of their products with the latest up to-date information. When sufficient data is not availble hte Rhizopon consultants work with the user to find the optimum agreed treatment. The reseachers end consultance of Rhizopon are well known within the industry and are considered as authorities on the rooting of cuttings by leading Dutch and foreign propegation companies.

The first products of Rhizopon were developed aroun 1930 in Amsterdam by the Amsterdam Chinine Factory (ACF). After re-organisation of ACF in 1987, the manufacturing of growth regulators was shed and Rhizopon was founded. This new company severed all connections with ACF but retained all the knowledge on the use of rooting hormones.

By being independent Rhizopon adopted its present company policy, that of close co-operation with users for reseach, intensice support for growers and the development of acceptable pack sizes. In short the user plays a very important role in the way the company operates.

As well as the positive change for the user, the importer and the wholesaler also have an optimum service. They can order for direct delivery to the users, leaving them free to answer to customers questions. Rhizopon enquiries receive full attention at all times.

Rhizopon is worlds most innovative supplier of rooting hormones - using their products and services will be to your advantage.