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One of the oldest applicationmethods of the Rhizopon products is the basal long soak methode. Already in the 1930's  this method was successfully applied.

The basal long soak method



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The Basal Long Soak Method is used to propagate plants from cuttings.

One of the earliest methods to use rooting hormones, plant growers have used it since the 1930's.

It continues to be an important method of plant propagation using Rhizopon rooting solutions.

Take plant cuttings.

Place the cuttings, basal end down to the bottom of a perforated dipping basket that fits into the solution treatment tank.

The dipping basket is optional. Placement can also be made directly into the tank.

Avoid breakage by not packing the cuttings too tight.

The Basal Long Soak Method is used during the growing season on leafy and leafless cuttings, and conifers.

It is also used on winter dormant cuttings.

Use a perforated dipping basket and tank made of plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum with a protective coating. Place the basket it into the solution treatment tank.

Make up a Rhizopon rooting hormone solution using Rhizopon Water Soluble Tablets.

The solution contains rooting hormones that promote root formation

Adust the tank to the horizontal position so that all cuttings will be at uniform depth in the solution.

Pour the Rhizopon rooting solution into the treatment tank.

The Rhizopon rooting solution must cover the basal ends of all the cuttings to a depth from 2 to 5 cm, or about one to two inches.

Let the basal ends of the cuttings soak in the Rhizopon rooting solution between 12 and 48 hours.

The exact time is not critical and should fit into your normal production schedule

For leafy and shoot cuttings soak for about 12 hours.

For conifers and winter cuttings soak for about 24 hours.

For difficult to root cuttings and grape cuttings soak for about 48 hours.

During the soak process, the cuttings slowly absorb the rooting hormones in the Rhizopon rooting solution.

An adequate, threshold, amount of the hormones are stored for later use at the basal end.

The exact amount of rooting hormone that is absorbed is not critical.

The plant self regulates it’s use for root initiation.

After treatment the cuttings are planted in media.

The cuttings can be put directly into pot or flats, or for winter cuttings, directly into propagation beds.

Woody cuttings, like winter wine grape cuttings, can be kept in cold storage until the proper planting time.

The time for root formation will vary based upon the type of plant being propagated.

Leafy plants, propagated in the greenhouse, will start root formation soon after planting.

Winter woody plant cuttings will start root formation after the soil and air temperatures are suitable for rooting.

Leafless winter cutting do not need light for root initiation and are assisted by stored carbohydrates that produce new shoots and root growth.

For summer leafy cuttings and conifers, light is necessary to induce root formation.

At our web site rhizopon.com you can download the Rhizopon Rooting Guide

The guide lists plant varieties, the solution methods and the suggested number of tablets per liter of water.

Since cutting quality and growing conditions always differ, you should always do trials for each plant variety in your facility.

For technical support contact Rhizopon by phone email or just sending us a letter.

Use Rhizopon products for miraculous plant rooting!