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A solution containing a growth substance based on auxines is not stable and breaks down quite rapidly. That is why Rhizopon does not offer ready-to-use solutions but water-soluble tablets. With these tablets a fresh growth substance solution in any desired concentration and combination of active ingredients is always close at hand. Preparing a Rhizopon solution is quick and easy. You will find a step-by-step description in the Rhizopon Rooting Guide.



The most common way of application is the absorption method. The cuttings are, singly or in small bundles, simply placed with their base in a Rhizopon solution for 2-12 hours in order to absorb the growth substance. The absorption is subject to the type of plant the cuttings are taken from. Detailed information can be found in the Rhizopon rooting guide.


Total immersion

Cuttings from certain species will show the best rooting result after they have been totally immersed in a Rhizopon solution. Do not place too many cuttings in the solution at once, since this could cause bruising or damage.



Other species might benefit more from a spraying treatment. First the cuttings are planted. A Rhizopon solution in the desired concentration is then¬ evenly spray¬ed over the cuttings. This method can also enhance the rooting results of earlier planted cuttings, which show irregular rooting or have even completely failed to generate roots.



Quick dip

Finally there is the quick dip method. With this the bases of the cuttings are dipped into the growth substance solution for only a few seconds. However, this method needs a much higher concentration of active ingredient than the other application methods.



Always a fresh solution

After the tablets have been dissolved in water the active ingredients disintegrate quite rapidly under the influence of light, temperature and bacteria. The Rhizopon solution should only be used once, because of possible contamination breaking down the active ingredients. Therefore always use a fresh solution and do not prepare more than can be used within 6 hours. A small amount of insoluble inert sediment will remain. This does not effect the end result.



Rhizopon Tablets are available in several packing sizes: 20, 200 en 2.500 tablets. For counting a lot off tablets there is now the skilful Rhizopon "TabletCounter". With this appliances you can count off the tablets rapidly and exactly.


Download the Rhizopon Tablet Counter here


Directions for use of the TabletCounter:

Print the TabletCounter on paper. Make a sharp fold on both lines so that  a standing up edge arises. Every circle is a tablet. Put the tablets on the circles up to the required number. To shuffle along goes more easily with, for example, a ruler. Lift afterwards the paper. Use therefor, the "ear" which arised when the lines were fold. Add the required tablets in the correct quantity of water.



Special information

The following pages are also available on this website:

- transplanting advice

- total immersion

- inducing additional roots



The data given in this page are based on the outcome of tests and experiments carried out by various international testing stations and research centres, as well as on data obtained from our own practical research and from relevant publications. The actual conditions on individual premises can to some extent be dissimilar to those under which the data used for this sheet have been obtained. If so, a marginal adjustment, e.g. using a product with the nearest higher or lower concentration of active ingredient, may be sufficient to counter-balance the effects.


Customized advice

If these methods are of interest, please contact Rhizopon at:

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